Best Debt Consolidation Companies 2019

Editorial and User Reviews of the Top Brands

Choosing a debt consolidation company could potentially be one of the most important decisions you ever make when it comes to getting out of debt. You want a company who understands your individual situation, who is communicative, and who is prepared to put in the time and effort to ensure you get the best possible outcome one the process is complete. We have evaluated and utilized the services of all of the companies in this comprehensive review, with the aim of ensuring that you make the right choice. All debt consolidation companies are not the same, and choosing the wrong one could potentially cost you thousands of dollars. Our reviews provide our honest opinion on our experience of the different companies, and even we were shocked at the different levels of customer service and negotiating skills that we discovered. Read on to find our recommendations.

  • Main Source Funding
    Main Source Funding
    The Good: Fast Response Times, No Obligation Inquiry, Free Consultation Which Won’t Affect Credit Score, No Origination or Service Fees Main Source is a trustworthy and reliable company that are worthy of consideration if you are looking at applying for a debt consolidation loan. Their fees are very competitive, their staff and website are friendly and ... Read more
  • Pacific National Funding
    Pacific National Funding
    The Good: Simple, Efficient Process No Additional Fees or Charges Supportive and Friendly. Pacific National Funding is a company that does everything by the book. They follow all of the FTC recommendations, meaning that for example, they do not charge advanced fees for early payment. Their business ethos is about supporting their customers, and ensuring ... Read more
  • Valley National Funding
    Valley National Funding
    The Good: Focused Exclusively On Debt Consolidation Higher Than Average Reduction Rate Low Minimum Requirement of $5000. Valley Funding is, in many ways, a good old-fashioned type of company. They are honest, open, and dedicated to their customers. They offer excellent products and first-class customer service. Read more
  • Alliance One Funding
    Alliance One Funding
    The Good: Many years of experience in the industry Responded quickly to every inquiry Completed the paperwork for the client removing any administrative burden, other than a signature No hard sell, relaxed and friendly atmosphere Integrity and honesty in relation to rates Innovative and Novel Approach To Business Applying Read more
  • Americor Financial
    Americor Financial
    This company has a pattern of complaints and / or negative regulatory actions and because of that we do not recommend them. Read more
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